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uncommonly pure handcrafted skincare

Time to put some Magic into your skincare routine…



It can be the highlight of your day…depending on what you put ON your skin!




Luna Bug for a Lustrous, Radiant YOU

Aurora Borealis - Luna BugRe-live that magical evening in Paris (when you looked & felt your absolute best)

...with Aurora Borealis handmade soap



Porefection Facial Care System - Luna BugFlash back on your first date (your skin glowing, your face radiant, your entire body tingling with excitement)

...with Porefection Facial Care System




Imagine feeling like that every single day - because that’s what Luna Bug does for you.

  • Full of loving care (all-natural, cruelty free, vegan friendly products)

  • Free of the icky stuff (synthetics, detergents, petrochemicals, sulfates, etc.)

  • Made with skin-loving ingredients (antioxidant rich olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic palm oil, castor oil, and fair trade shea butter)

  • Processed to preserve all the goodness (using slow cold-process method to preserve the natural wholesomeness)

Who am I?


I'm Leslie Carson, Sage & CEO, and I handcraft skincare solutions that bring magic into your skincare routine!

Making soap truely is magic. When I can take something as caustic as lye and blending it with select oils to make something that delights the senses is pure bliss.

My soul has a passion for honoring mother earth. I work on living with the earth harmoniously without taking more than I can give back; I hug trees, do yoga, and have an organic garden. I go on retreats to ashrams and ruins, and I search my back yard for gifts from the faeries.